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May 30, 2009

I’ve been out of action at this blog for some time now working on a much broader powerful solutions for the web.

Web Design at Tweed Valley and Byron Bay are functioning at my new developing Social Network at Bling at Ning

I am currently reconsidering the direction of this blog and how it integrates into the larger Bling at Ning Social Network

The magnitude visitors at my acoustic guitar blog and acousticguitarist blog has forced me to look for other ways of managing the work more as part of networks as the demand for my SEO skills are more in demand

Tony Hogan SEO Strategist and Acoustic Guitar Blogger


Your Virginity or Breakfast

December 26, 2008

It was only a few days ago that I found out that Kermit the Frog was a left hander, everyone I’ve spoken to so far has said “Oh really”.  Now I’m just hanging out to tell me lefy friends, this will really make them feel important.

But hey, that is nothing compared to the news that has just slipped out of Japan.  Mums and dads ;will be stuffing their kids full of corn flakes, toast and any other edible thing within reach of a morning.  So the story goes “People who tend to skip breakfast lose their virginity earlier”.  This is according to a report from Japan.  We are anxiously awaiting stats from the USA, Canada, Australia and Britain.  

To read the full article go to News Virginity or Toast

Buddha Belly Cafe Summer Solstice Concert

November 25, 2008

Buddha Belly Cafe Summer Solstice Concert at Mt Warning Road


Buddha Belly Cafe

Buddha Belly Cafe

December 21st – $18 – 1pm until late

The Biggest Loser for Pets

November 17, 2008

Just when I thought the world had reached its most maddest point, suddenly from left field comes something that made me realise we still have room to get sillier.

In Britain there is a slimming contest for pets.

Podgiest Pets Sliming Contest

Good News not Crap News

November 16, 2008

Are you tired of bad news about the economy, lies in politics, death destruction, war, crimes against humanity and all those things that make us realise that the communities of ants are much more intelligent than human beings?  Well maybe you need to check out the Good News site.  No, i’s not some sort of Christian group trying to sign you up for a life of biblical reading, penance and other non sinful activities.

Check out the Good News Network at the following address Good News Network Site

Sheoak Shack Gallery – Glenn Brace

November 1, 2008

Music Update – Don’t miss this one

Glenn Brace Singer Songwriter

Glenn Brace Singer Songwriter


Local musician Glenn Brace is doing his  Fantasticat  Show ( The best of Cat Stevens ) at  the Sheoak Shack Gallery .  Glenn is a very talented singer songwriter with years of experience playing as a soloist and in some very good band line-ups.   He has recorded albums 

He has a Myspace site at

Saturday November the 15th ,  7pm nsw time

Fingal Head Nsw 2486
Bookings (07) 5523 1130 Email

Tweed Valley – Tony Hogan Guitar

October 30, 2008

In the Tweed Valley recently at Murwillumbah there was a fund raiser for my friend Karen Court.  Some friends and I, including Karen Cout played a couple of acoustic sets.  I used my trusty Ibanez Jazz guitar 105N semi acoustic and a little Peavey Amp.  Also in the photo is the increble Jazz Blues singer Karen Brown on vocals, formerly of the Kokomos.  Karen Brown and I used to work as a duet and the whisper is we’ll do it again soon. 


Acoustic Guitar Player Tony Hogan

Acoustic Guitar Player Tony Hogan

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